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Individual Payroll Service

Individual Payroll Service

Relieve your company from the costs of payroll accounting for your wages and salaries accounting. As an alternative we offer this complex field of work in full service.
In doing so you delegate besides the actual accounting also the complete administrative section to us.

Any delivery of the data by mail is not required. We set up a web-based and safe document center for you. Thereby all documents and data are made available to us uncomplicatedly. By this secure way you will receive your evaluations simultaneously.

All interfaces can also be displayed by us, as e.g. a SAP interface, to import the posting list automatically into your accounting system at the end of each month.

Overview of Services

  • Taking over of company master data

    Entering of complete company master data including operating facilities

  • Taking over of personnel master data

    Entering of complete personnel master data

  • Taking over of wage types

    Wage types and wage type catalogs

  • Taking over of health insurances

    Entering of company-specific health insurances together with bank details and forms of payment

  • Taking over ELSTAM

    Set-up ELSTER connection, preparation for electronic data transfer

  • Taking over values carried forward

    Taking over values carried forward for social security and taxes

  • Taking over of individual account systems including cost accounting
  • Set-up payment transactions

    Determination of payment messaging data for all payment sectors

  • Set-up trade association

    Membership number of trade associations, risk pay scales and hazard classes

  • Quality assurance – dual review principle

    Quality assurance by countercheck of entries and plausibilities according to own control scheme

  • Determination of contact persons

    Contact persons with right to give instructions and information, Payroll calendar with all settlement datess

  • Management

    Supervision of monthly accounting days, precautionary email reminder, independent, personal address of the partners at our client

  • Staff changes

    Registration of monthly staff changes, entry, resignation, break etc.
    time recording
    Takeover of results of adjusted internal time recording in electronic system

  • Payroll accounting

    Preparation of current monthly wage and salary accountings including all related data

  • Corrections

    Preparation of all corrections for preceding months – if required – in the course of the current monthly run

  • Tax

    Preparation and electronic transmission of income tax notification, examination of processing logs of receiving office, correction of noticeable responses g

  • Health insurances

    Preparation of all reports for social security, electronic transmission of all reports, correction of noticeable notification reasons,
    Clarification of health insurer’s questions in direct contact, calculation of anticipated contributions owed to social security

  • Payment transactions

    Payment overview, electronic payment transactions with fax confirmation to your bank, data files in SEPA format for online banking, paychex payment service (if agreed)

  • Accounting

    Preparation of accounting vouchers for transfer to financial accounting in hardcopy form or standardized electronic import format

  • Printout | enveloping | mailing

    Printout and enveloping of all documents, payslips enveloped for employees and open for employer, mailing on time with proof of delivery, direct mailing of documents to employees, if required

  • Filing

    Electronic filing of payroll results, evaluations, transmission reports, inspection reports and copies of certificates


Preparation of all certificates existing in Germany guaranteed within 72 hours upon receipt of information required, statistical reporting to regional authorities and federal offices.
If required, also for periods prior to takeover of accounting.

  • Partial retirement

    Filing of applications on payment in accordance with German Partial Retirement Act

  • Ad hoc evaluations

    If required, preparation of ad hoc evaluations with self-developed report generator,
    Possibility for regular repetition of reliable reports

  • Company audits

    Support for company audits, transmission of audit documentation for securing audit success

  • Trade association

    Preparation of employee lists, remuneration lists and time sheets for the annual reporting to trade associations

  • Handicapped persons report

    Reporting for calculation of surcharge for non-employment of handicapped persons, status check for capacities of handicapped persons of staff

  • holiday | absences | overtime provisions
  • Filing

    Electronic filing of accounting results and evaluations, transmission reports, audit reports and copies of certificates electronically in data center, if required on DVD

Profitable advantages

  • Utmost safety
  • Using our software we always comply with the current legal requirements. Don’t be concerned about the proper accounting – also for liability reasons. The completely safe filing of your data in the computer center is ensured, too.

  • More time
  • You don’t need to acquire complex expertise concerning e.g. the current legal situation. On request we relieve you from routine work,such as e.g. dispatch of gross/net-accountings to your employees. As a result you can use your time for important corporate tasks or you just have some time for yourself.

  • Individual payroll service
  • At any time you have an expert on your side for all questions concerning payroll accounting. You are always well advised, e.g. how you can increase wages with as few additional contributions as possible. For legal and tariff changes we recommend which steps you must take.

  • Transparent costs
  • Only services actually required are charged. Accordingly, you can calculate your expenses for payroll accounting precisely.

  • Service from a single source
  • We know your company – service from a single source