Executive Team

Team members

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Krüger

“My engagement is determined by my respect for clients and their interests and professionalism in operations along with an open and direct communication.“

Mark Müller

Senior Executive Manager

Mark Müller

“People – clients and team members – are the essences of our business and the key success factor for a successful partnership with our clients.“

Thorsten Scholz

Chief Operating Officer

Torsten Scholz

“I stand for professionalism to serve clients’ requirements best. Therefore, the client’s perspective is paramount for rendering efficient and effective services. “


Extended Executive Team

Team members

Officer of data protection / Head of Payroll

Valmir Mehmeti

“Meet the challenges, implement and impart acquired knowledge, remain true to oneself – this is typcial for me and SK-Office.“


The Crew

We are a motivated team that strives for perfection.

Team members

Mesut Demirkol

“In order to meet our clients‘ requirements I try to develop my individual skills each day. I am a team player, both on private and professional level, and I contribute my strengths to achieve a joint success.“
Team members

Marie Durchner

“As a team leader I am the contact for one of our most important clients. What I appreciate most is the strong team spirit of the complete SK-Office team.“
Team members

Maximilian Fuchs

“As a part-time working student I can apply my knowledge acquired from my studies at SK-Office day after day.“
Team members

Dominik Hufenstuhl

“SK-Office enables me to develop my professional skills and knowledge in a young, dynamic and motivated team every day and to assume reponsibility. “
Team members

Danial Khashaie-Tash

“Roses are red, SK-Office is blue. How I perceive myself? Nobody knows for sure.“
Team members

Verena Kondzialka

“I am outgoing and sociable and, therefore, manage the headquarters. As the biggest part of one’s life is spent working one should feel comfortable with it and this is the case with SK-Office.“
Team members

Carsten Marx

“As an HR Assistant my tasks include the preparation of the current payroll accounting of our clients. At SK-Office I can complete all my tasks independently and responsibly.“
Team members

Florian Quantius

“How I perceive myself? Stay ambitious and self-critical. What I like about SKO? Its young team and the social interaction.“
Team members

Catharina Raabe

“As an apprentice I can already take responsibility for my work at SK-Office. Therefore, I became an important part of the team at an early stage!“
Team members

Guido-Jonas Schmidt

“To rely on the expertise of my colleagues, bring in new ideas and not losing the sense of humor. This is what awaits me at SKO every morning.“
Team members

Yannik Wolf

To enhance your skills, you have to do one thing: to proceed
Team members

Lukas Buchert

“Coming soon.“
Team members


We are hiring! If you would like to join the team, feel free to contact us.